My textile practice emerges through interaction with what is around me – inspired as much by the complexity of urban life as the magic of the Outer Hebrides. And more recently I’ve been inspired to work with dreams.

I soak up atmosphere, inspiration and feeling responses, and collect fragments of materials that attract me without knowing why. I am drawn to the basic elements; earth, stone, metal, water, and to bone, wood, plastic, fabric … These become the raw materials for my work as they alchemise, sometimes by design and sometimes with unpredictable results.

I often work with linen but am happy working with whatever I find. I screen and mono print, use wax both to resist and to mark, collage, stitch, distress, cut, bond, mark …

Experience is not linear, binary or rational, it leaps and bounds and makes meaning in so many different ways. In whatever medium I choose to work in, I am usually building up multiple layers as a way to making sense of the world – inner and outer.