Blayne Collins





For the Thirteen Textile Group WAC  2019 exhibition, Blayne Collins continues creating hand embroidered portraits, with influences from the historic worldwide women’s marches of 2017, and the women in her life. Tying in the relationships women have with each other, themselves and the world at large. Flower Power Project illustrates the constant and continual renegotiation of the world, from a female, personal perspective, using traditional techniques such as hand embroidery, felting, machine embroidery and quilting. Against a colourful background of flowerprint, inspired by her collection of vintage enamel flower brooches, she ties in the current women’s marches with the demonstrations and protests from the 1960s, to illustrate how the struggle for women’s rights has never ceased.

She also explores the theme of flower power in a small book for The Sketchbook Project, again inspired by her vintage brooch collection, which is currently touring worldwide with other sketchbooks, hosted by the Brooklyn Art Library.

Blayne also works with themes of memory and perception in Family History Series, using photos and images from her own family photo archives. Expressing these themes using various methods, though with a common technique of transfer print on fabric, she has created work that ranges from small enough to be held in the hand (The Book Project), to installations that stretch several meters (The Toronto Project).

Blayne, in a departure from her image based projects, has also been working with dyed thread in three dimensional form (The Uteri Project) and using threads and dyes for mark making on hand made papers, (Scribbles).