Blayne Collins

Blayne Collins is an artist who, in her practice, works with an array of techniques, including hand-stitch, machine stitch, felting, weaving, dyeing, and printing. Her work ranges in scale from pieces small enough to sit in the hand, to installations that stretch several meters.

Her practice focuses on themes of memory and perception. Expressing these themes using various methods, her work illustrates the constant and continual renegotiation of the world, from a female perspective, historically and contemporaneously. 

Blayne exhibits annually in London, with the textile art cooperative, Thirteen Textile Group, and also works on individual projects. 

She holds diplomas in Fashion Design, and Fine Art, and has exhibited in Canada and the UK.  Her work is in collections in Canada, the UK, and Japan. She has been shortlisted with commendation for the UK Knitting and Stitching Show 2020 self portrait competition.