Marie-Clare Mawle

Marie-Clare continues to be inspired by the fragility of flowers. Her work is sentimental, sensual and feminine.

Marie- Clare has interpreted the theme, ‘Energy and Motion’ into the movement of ballet dancers.

A ballet dancer turns and spins like a flower in the wind. Her ease and flow, as simple as blowing on a dandelion clock. Her turns, jumps and spins look effortless as her dress wraps its self around her body.

But in truth her body is under great pressure and stress. Look closer at the tension of her leg, muscles tight and solid, not a tremor insight. She stands on point as her feet and toes are crushed into her ballet shoes.

Marie-Clare’s latest work shows the contrasts in the movement of a dancer. Her final pieces are flowers that have been made out of silk fabrics and ribbons dyed with the petals of flowers. They have then been turned through the Princess Pleater and its many needles and pulled tight together. The stamens of the flowers have been cast in plaster, from real flower heads and buttons.