Marilyn Williams

Marilyn’s Art Teacher background enabled her to work for many years with the Textile and Design Technology departments, at times developing joint projects, this resulted in a wide knowledge and interest of a range of materials and techniques.
On her retirement, her obsession with textiles began in earnest, starting with short courses and then the Textile Foundation course at Morley College, progressing on to the Advanced Textile course at Morley and later at City Lit.
Her love of drawing and photography is often the starting point for her ideas, developing and experimenting with these initial ideas, using a variety of techniques. She is drawn mainly to the natural world and gains inspiration from organic subjects mainly. Printing is a particular technique she enjoys with hand and machine embroidery embellishment.

Marilyn has exhibited at various venues including :
Morley Gallery
City Lit College
Brixton East
Westminster Library
Barbican Library Gallery
W.A.C. Gallery, Waterloo
Willesden Gallery
South London Botanical Institute
The Garden History Museum
Kew Library
The Groyne Gallery and other external venues including woods and Hampstead Heath.

Marilyn is also a member of Carousel Textile group.