Sylvia Whitehouse

Memories inform my textile work, influencing the materials that I choose to use as well as the ideas and inspirations that gradually develop. I like old, worn fabrics, lawn, silk, threadbare household linens and old fashioned blankets. Recently I’ve added my own ecodyed fabrics to the stash. Fragments of garments, themselves long gone, retain memories and sensations that may date back to childhood and evoke buried sense impressions and emotions. Combining these fabrics and adding others to make new surfaces can be satisfying and pleasing.

I grew up in the country in the decades after WW2 when climate change and species loss were not of concern. I loved drawing and painting the plants and creatures all around. The urge to keep recording these has been strengthened by their impending loss and continues to preoccupy  me. I’m drawn to the detail of nature  – weeds flourishing in the cracks of pavements, the pattern on a bird’s wing, the imprint of wet leaves on a pavement, a snail making its way up a wall.  I often combine print with collage and stitch to realise these images.